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River Logic Can Help Congress Balance the Budget

If only Congress would use River Logic… Watching the recent budget negotiations on TV, it is clear to me that Congress is currently grappling with two critically important issues: (1) infeasibilities – and how to avoid them; and (2) opportunity values – ...

February 12, 2019 | By Eric Kelso

Business Analytics: Will 2019 Corporate Challenges Repeat 2018?

Wondering what the top corporate challenges were in 2018? Here’s the summary: River Logic customers have turned to business analytics to help answer some of their toughest questions this year, ranging from labor shortages to managing growth. The ...

February 6, 2019 | By Cheryl Hammer

5 Ways Big Data is Redefining Supply Chain

Big data incorporates data-sets on the order of terabytes and petabytes. Self-correcting and self-monitoring, big data systems make outlier data more noticeable and allow development of statistical models and trends. This facilitates predictions from ...

January 23, 2019 | By River Logic
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