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Don't Be Afraid of Prescriptive Analytics. Decide for Yourself if You're Ready.

We come across a lot of companies — of all sizes, across all different industries — that hear the word "prescriptive analytics" and run for the hills. I honestly can't blame them, given the misinformation that exists in the market space today around this topic. Even top-ranked analyst firms speak about the category as if it's something that only the most advanced companies can take advantage of and see value from. They see it as a crawl > walk > run approach, in which you first need to implement your BI, then your predictive, and only then can you think about implementing prescriptive.

What Should You Look for in Your BI/Analytics Platforms?

As the business environment increases in complexity, so does the need for better business intelligence (BI) and analytics. This is demonstrated by Gartner's prediction, stating that the market for BI and advanced analytics will reach $18.3 billion by the end of 2017.

Webinar: Data-Driven Decisions in S&OP—Bring Reliability and Speed to Optimized Scenario Analysis

River Logic and Supply Chain Consulting Partner Spinnaker Management will be hosting a webinar on March 7, 2018 entitled "Data-Driven Decisions in S&OP—Bring Reliability and Speed to Optimized Scenario Analysis."

Gartner's 8 Supply Chain Trends You Can't Ignore

Gartner recently identified the top eight disruptive technologies most likely to impact organizational supply chains in 2018. Keep in mind, these trending technologies are scattered throughout the various stages of the Gartner Hype Cycle, which charts the development of technologies from concept to maturity and adoption. Starting with those closest to commercial viability, here the the eight supply chain trends you can't ignore.

What are the Analysts Saying About Optimization?

Businesses continue to grow in complexity and, at the same time, companies are facing increased competition. To survive and grow in such an environment, businesses need access to tools that allow them to understand their strengths, their weaknesses and to determine the optimal direction forward.

Q&A with Bill Remy and Ken Koenemann of TBM Consulting Group, Inc

This is a Q&A with Bill Remy, Chairman and CEO, and Ken Koenemann, Vice President of Technology and Supply Chain for TBM Consulting Group, Inc.

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