Using Prescriptive Analytics to Decrease Supply Chain Disruptions

An article by Nari Viswanathan, Vice President of Product Management for River Logic, was recently featured on Supply Chain Management Review. In this article, Nari discusses the fact that Supply Chain in particular has been slow to adopt advanced analytics capabilities, mainly due to their apprehensiveness around replacing existing systems. However, Nari makes the argument that, given recent advancements in technology, data and more, it's now easier than ever for Supply Chain leaders to embrace the change that their companies are so greatly need.  Below is a blurb from Nari's article. The full article can be accessed on Supply Chain Management Review.

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Barrel Up: Oilfield Digitization Comes of Age

A company making a widget that sells for $50 but in a matter of months gains demand, allowing the price to be bumped up to $70, would sound like a great thing. Right?

If only it were that simple in the Energy industry. The barrel price of Brent crude — the thermometer of industry health — has made a comeback that has many stakeholders more skeptical than elated. Why? Unlike other industries, Energy turns on an axis of its own as we covered earlier. However, what makes this time different is that the uptick, for most U.S. firms, comes from a position of offense as a leading exporter rather than playing defense because of foreign oil actions. The equation has changed. 

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River Logic Customers and Partners Gain Huge Architectural Benefits from Service Fabric

River Logic’s strength is in prescriptive analytics-based optimization. The company has over 1,100 person-years of experience in building 100’s of models that solve complex business problems across dozens of industries. Two years ago River Logic made the decision to move to Microsoft Azure, which significantly helped the company maintain a modern architecture that is quickly scalable. As our readers know, Power BI is embedded within the River Logic’s solution, enabling world-class visualization of prescriptive analytics data.

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Leveraging Prescriptive Analytics to Drive Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas

Over the last year, here at River Logic we have had the opportunity to make some pretty major waves in the Energy Industry — more specifically in the world Oil & Gas. Our internal knowledge of the space and the breadth of our solution delivery have both grown drastically. This is largely due to our relationship with our Energy partners, mentioned below. Given the nature of optimization-based prescriptive analytics, understanding how to apply this technology in a somewhat foreign industry can be a pretty big challenge. The truth is, optimization is complex — everything from understanding the best technology to use, to knowing what problems to tackle first, to ensuring your implementations will drive the fastest, and largest return.

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Transparency in Trading: Margin Erosion or Profit Opportunity?

In oil and gas trading (and many other types of Energy trading), the description of legendary 80s arbitrager Ivan Boesky holds partial truth today. Boesky — the inspiration for Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko character — was said to have had the hide of a rhinoceros and the nerve of a burglar.

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The Real-World Applications and Business Benefits for Prescriptive Analytics

You’ve undoubtedly heard the buzz about prescriptive analytics. Smart people have probably told you that your company needs to be using such capabilities. In this blog post, we look at real-world applications and, more importantly, how such capabilities can make your company more efficient and more profitable.

In brief, prescriptive analytics uses algorithms to create a flexible performance model of your business that can provide managers insights into the best decision to make in a given situation. It has the benefit of fully respecting the constraints and objectives of the business while also reporting the financial impact.

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SXSW Re-Cap: Our Future is Everything Artificial Intelligence

Every year in March, my wonderful City of Austin hosts South by Southwest (SXSW). In addition to fully taking over the entire city (in the best possible way), SXSW is an event that combines music, film, gaming and more with a series of conference sessions covering a broad spectrum of interests. As a Marketer, I mostly stuck to the "Branding and Marketing" track (hoping to post on those learnings soon). However, given that we at River Logic play in the innovative technology space, I did sneak some time in to catch a few sessions on the "Intelligent Future" track.

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River Logic Joins TBM Consulting Group at the American Supply Chain Summit

River Logic is excited to announce that we will be joining TBM Consulting Group at the American Supply Chain Summit next week in Dallas, TX. Not only has our company never attended this event before, but this will be our first event at which we will join TBM Consulting Group as an official partner.  

Our partnership with TBM Consulting kicked off earlier this year and has since rapidly progressed. Although the solution focus will be on broad applications of optimization within Supply Chain Management, River Logic and TBM Consulting have chosen to go to market initially with a focus on Production Allocation.  

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Microsoft Positioned a Leader in Gartner's MQ for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Analytics andBusiness Intelligence (BI) Platforms measures the maturity of vendors in terms of excellence and completeness of vision. In 2016, Gartner revised its criteria to reflect the growth of more sophisticated analytics that are easier for non-IT professionals to use. The revised criteria have resulted in some vendors moving backward, while others that are in tune with current market needs, such as Microsoft and Tableau, have moved ahead.

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Don't Be Afraid of Prescriptive Analytics. Decide for Yourself if You're Ready.

We come across a lot of companies — of all sizes, across all different industries — that hear the word "prescriptive analytics" and run for the hills. I honestly can't blame them, given the misinformation that exists in the market space today around this topic. Even top-ranked analyst firms speak about the category as if it's something that only the most advanced companies can take advantage of and see value from. They see it as a crawl > walk > run approach, in which you first need to implement your BI, then your predictive, and only then can you think about implementing prescriptive.

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