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As VP of Sales & Marketing, Ben is responsible for driving revenue for River Logic, through both partner and direct channels, and positioning the company in the market to maximize value. Prior to joining River Logic, Ben was part of the foundation sales team that drove the initial customers and revenue for Tidemark and he subsequently helped build the sales organization to position the company for growth. Ben also spent 6 years at IBM selling a variety of software, technology and service solutions to large enterprises, and 6 years at Motorola / Freescale Semiconductor in Product Marketing and Design Engineering roles. Ben holds a Bachelors of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Michigan State University and an MBA from the University of Texas.
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Beyond Bottlenecks: Theory of Constraints & Enterprise Optimization

One of my least favorite classes while working toward my MBA at the University of Texas was Operations Management. Sure, it was better than financial accounting, but whenever I looked at the material, I thought, “I’ll never run a manufacturing plant. Why should I care?”

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Prescriptive Analytics Use Cases for Sales and Marketing

As the flood of customer information continues to pour in through an ever increasing number of digital touchpoints, big data use cases for sales and marketing have grown exponentially.  The growth of predictive analytics has, in turn, also been driven by customer-focused use cases.  Companies are attempting to understand the underlying correlation/causation in those data lakes and turn that information into better targeting, promotions and demand forecasts.

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Three Keys to Financial Optimization for S&OP

If you google financial optimization, you'll see a list of mostly academic papers on portfolio analysis or asset allocation for financial investing.  But what about corporate finance?  What about the objective of maximizing shareholder value?  Could the lack of results be because performing financial optimization for any business can be a daunting task?

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