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How Prescriptive Analytics Shapes Business Transformation and Supply Chain Social Responsibility

Growing up in a small oilfield town, we didn’t have a McDonald’s; we had Joy’s Grill. Joy, the owner, and his wife, Wanda, ran a straightforward automated operation in their diner with one row of booths and a counter open to the grill. She took the orders and yelled out “mash one,” which queued Joy to throw another patty on the grill. He finished the order, Wanda served, and whoever had a free hand, rang up the checks at the register.

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Skip the Supply Chain Control Tower: Move to Visual Advanced Analytics Instead

In the movement to digitize the enterprise and connect all things IoT and more, a former supply chain buzzword has re-emerged with more momentum than ever… and confusion! The supply chain term “control tower” is used many ways, causing some vendors to meld its point solutions into a new layer of technology and tout a beacon of insights across the supply chain with promises to include:

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How Advanced Analytics Technology Addresses the Gender Gap

Feeling and logic. Throughout corporate history, these primary behaviors have been respectively assigned to women and men, although we know these labels aren’t always accurate. Take Steve Jobs. Most would probably remember him as a feeling kind of person, whereas, Meg Whitman may be viewed as a person of logic.

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5 Reasons Over Half of Data Science Projects Never Leave the Lab

Remember dissecting a frog in middle school? The point of the project was to learn about the internal workings of the amphibian’s organs and get a better picture of ecology as a whole. However, the smell of formaldehyde often made it difficult to think about the purpose. Instead, the tendency was to finish the task at hand — one that usually involved a knife-happy partner paired with a squeamish one who documented results with eyes half-shut.

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Uh Oh...5 Clues that Recession is Near

The laws of gravity are known to apply to economics. Everything that goes up must come down, meaning a coming recession is a matter of when, not if.

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The Dawn of Citizen Data Scientists

“The bittersweet pain amongst men is having knowledge with no power.”

In the film Justice League, Lex Luthor makes this poignant statement to a crowd that includes Batman and Superman. If only he had known that corporate citizens using advanced analytics have both power and knowledge, he might have attained superhero status and the realization that this knowledge extraordinaire, or simply data science, is branching out of “geekdom” and expanding across the enterprise and upward to the C-Suite.

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Oil and Gas Refinery Challenges: People, Product, and Placement

The revival of a strong economic foundation, increase in global demand, and boom of U.S. shale production shine a bright forecast for oil and gas refineries, numbering about 700 worldwide. About 20% of these operate in the U.S. and have emerged as one of the financially healthier players in the oil and gas ecosystem.
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Will Starbucks Suck Plastics out of the Economy? How to Pivot Your Corporate Strategy and Planning When Unexpected Shifts Happen


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When and How to Plan for the Unplanned? New Tax Law and the Pipeline Transportation Industry Give Clues

With H.R. 1, the tax bill signed into law at the end of 2017, January 1 debuted reduced corporate taxes from 35% to 21% — a positive impact for companies, in general. However, as a Wall Street Journal article points out, the certainty of tax reform brings uncertainties ahead on actual financial outcomes for pipeline transportation operators.

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The New Oil and Gas Quarterback to Climate Change Solutions: Prescriptive Analytics

Most Americans who hear the phrase “Hail Mary” (outside of church) think of football. It  brings to mind a long pass in the last seconds of the game that scores a victory for the team who would otherwise have lost.

In June, the Vatican had its own pep talk for “Team Earth” with oil and gas executives: quit drilling for fossil fuels that cause harm to the environment and impact the world’s poorest. At the event, the Pope emphasized his interest in the renewables strategy, much like a “Hail Mary” for humanity.

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