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Transform the Finance Function with Prescriptive Analytics

"Big data” (a buzz word) is a term that more and more businesses know. It's essentially a term that signifies large and complex amount of data sets — structured and unstructured — that are notoriously hard to process and analyze with traditional applications. What's important isn’t the quantity but what organizations DO with “big data”. A major problem with big data (or data in general) is that companies are not focused on analyzing data for insights; they simply don't know where to start or what to do with it!

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Cost Allocation on Steroids

Over the last decade, cost allocation has become a big topic of conversation. More and more frequently, people are beginning to discuss the various types of cost allocation methodologies, the benefits of each type and the differences between them.

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Prescriptive Analytics - Closing the Loop

Data becomes action when supported by analytics, and when it is organized into stages that provide business insights using embedded models and forward-looking technology. Exponential investment return is achieved every time a business steps forward in the analytics ladder, toward closing the loop in business integration.

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