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Use of Mixed Integer Optimization in Greenfield Plant design

One of the riskiest and most difficult decisions in business is whether or not to build a new plant and, if so, what configuration that plant should take. Bad decisions prior to construction can haunt you and your stakeholders for decades. What if space for work-in-process inventory is too small? What if your equipment selection is not properly balanced? How will the plant perform under different economic environments?

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Managing Bottlenecks in Business to increase profitability

The key to increasing profitability is to identify which processes in your operations are or may become bottlenecks in the flow of work. Bottlenecks in business are the points where potential changes can have the most dramatic impact on the bottom line. While non-bottlenecks are important to consider from a cost accumulation standpoint, the majority of a manager’s focus should remain on the bottlenecks.

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Are You Correctly Defining Time Periods in Your Optimization Modeling?

When designing an enterprise model for planning purposes — one that accounts for strategic planning, financial planning and operations — several decisions are required. One of the most important is how to define time. The assumption of time definition has enormous implications for the type of questions that can be answered with the model and the value derived from such answers.

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