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As VP of Customer Success, Nathan is responsible for driving adoption, value and advocacy across River Logic’s direct client base and global partner network. He proactively assists senior executives align River Logic’s prescriptive analytics platform with performance improvement opportunities, and communicates industry-proven best practices to customer and partner practitioners.
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The Real-World Applications and Business Benefits for Prescriptive Analytics

You’ve undoubtedly heard the buzz about prescriptive analytics. Smart people have probably told you that your company needs to be using such capabilities. In this blog post, we look at real-world applications and, more importantly, how such capabilities can make your company more efficient and more profitable.

In brief, prescriptive analytics uses algorithms to create a flexible performance model of your business that can provide managers insights into the best decision to make in a given situation. It has the benefit of fully respecting the constraints and objectives of the business while also reporting the financial impact.

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Enterprise Optimization™: “The Most Valuable Tool We've Added”

One of the things I enjoy the most about my role at River Logic is talking to customers about their Enterprise Optimizer® (EO) experience, especially first time customers like Lynette Kotze of Queensland Energy Resources (QER).

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Still Using Excel for Optimization Modeling? Stop.

I love lazy Sunday afternoons, especially when it’s August in Texas, the Dallas Cowboys haven't kicked off the new season, and the weatherman insists I unwind on the couch and watch a little golf.

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University of Georgia Leverages EO to Help Small Physician Practices

enterprise optimization for physician practicesSeveral months ago, I was contacted by John Maynard, Assistant State Director at the University of Georgia Small Business Development Center Network – see John was interested in using Enterprise Optimizer to support new research he and his colleagues were conducting relevant to solo physicians and small medical practices.

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Prescriptive Analytics - Winning in a Competitive Environment

prescriptive analyticsI recently read a new whitepaper I highly recommend for senior business managers, C-level executives, and the strategic consultants that advise them.

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Opportunities for Enterprise Consultants Embracing Advanced Analytics

Enterprise consultants are uniquely positioned to maximize the benefits derived from advanced analytics, provided they act swiftly. The nature of new, complex, advanced analytics requirements places consulting firms at an advantage over traditional software companies. Consulting firms, understanding their advantaged position, are rapidly adopting predictive and prescriptive analytics, due to the following:

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Turn Business Intelligence into Business Wisdom

business intelligenceBy embedding next-generation analytics into your planning and decision support solutions, you can take your business intelligence to the next level. The best part? We've got the perfect tool to help you do this.

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River Logic, Inc. cited as Innovative Business Analytics Company Under $100M to Watch

International Data Corporation (IDC) recently released the report titled “Innovative Business Analytics Companies Under $100M to Watch.” The report features vendors that are innovating around three key trends in the business analytics market. These trends are: Collaborative Decision Management, Cloud-based Analytics, and Mobile Analytics.

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Finding directions in a complicated world

I am lucky because I work with some really smart people. One of those really smart guys recently said to me that “All problems are search problems”. He went on to point out how Google has taken this approach and has been wildly successful (check out Google’s current stock price). When you enter anything into a Google search box, you will get some kind of result. You may be shopping, looking to answer what movie won the 1957 best picture Oscar (The Bridge on the River Kwai) or trying to find how to get somewhere. Google is going to search its database and get you an answer.

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Aggregation Aggravation

Our partners and customers are building forward looking planning applications. They are usually building these systems on top of existing transactional data systems and data warehouses. The problem is they are trying to build forward looking planning systems with every piece of data they have. This is a computational nightmare.

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