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As VP of Customer Success, Nathan is responsible for driving adoption, value and advocacy across River Logic’s direct client base and global partner network. He proactively assists senior executives align River Logic’s prescriptive analytics platform with performance improvement opportunities, and communicates industry-proven best practices to customer and partner practitioners.
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How Enterprise Optimizer is Used to Calculate Opportunity Values

The single most important differentiator for River Logic is its proprietary ability to calculate Opportunity Values™. This is essential in the new economic science, known as Integrated Business Planning (IBP). 

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What’s Wrong with Spreadsheet Analysis?

Jim called me the other day. He is an analyst working for a mid-sized CPG company. I went to school with him back in the day. He usually calls with questions about his PC, such as “Why won’t it run fast enough?”

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OLAP and Constraint Modeling: Which Is Best?

Q&A with FORMER Vice President Technical Development for River Logic: OLAP and Constraint Modeling

Question: Firms are disillusioned with traditional Business Intelligence (BI) today, why?

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Business Analytics: Real-World Applications Get Prescriptive

Have you wondered why all the buzz about prescriptive analytics?

Think about this for a moment. Smart people have probably told you that your company needs to be using such capabilities. In fact, Gartner Research predicts up to 40% of companies will be using prescriptive analytics by 2021.

To understand the challenge of making the move to prescriptive analytics, we look at real-world applications and, more importantly, how such capabilities can make your company more efficient and more profitable.

Check this out: Prescriptive analytics uses algorithms to create a flexible performance model of your business that can provide managers insights into the best decision to make in a given situation. It has the benefit of fully respecting the constraints and objectives of the business while also reporting the financial impact. That’s right. The dashboard chart below shows the types of business analytics and their role in planning and decision-making processes.

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Integrated Business Planning: Transforming Business Intelligence into Business Wisdom

By Robert Whitehair, Ph.D.

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Optimizing the Trade Promotion Planning Process

During this Q&A Session with Nathan Goldstein, VP Solutions at River Logic, we discuss how to go about optimizing a trade promotion plan.

Question: What are the traditional methods firms employ to plan trade promotion campaigns today?

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Unstructured Data Need Not Impede Business Modeling

River Logic helps business managers make assumptions about business actions so they can understand the full economic impact of their decisions. Business models, developed using this platform, have the ability to express a holistic picture of a company; however, there is one essential ingredient required – data. Our platform models need data from a variety of company sources, for without data, a thorough and effectual model cannot exist. (Note: Models, regardless of the tool in which they reside, need data.)

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Enterprise Optimization™: “The Most Valuable Tool We've Added”

One of the things I enjoy the most about my role at River Logic is talking to customers about their Enterprise Optimizer® (EO) experience, especially first time customers like Lynette Kotze of Queensland Energy Resources (QER).

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Still Using Excel for Optimization Modeling? Stop.

I love lazy Sunday afternoons, especially when it’s August in Texas, the Dallas Cowboys haven't kicked off the new season, and the weatherman insists I unwind on the couch and watch a little golf.

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University of Georgia Leverages EO to Help Small Physician Practices

enterprise optimization for physician practicesSeveral months ago, I was contacted by John Maynard, Assistant State Director at the University of Georgia Small Business Development Center Network – see John was interested in using Enterprise Optimizer to support new research he and his colleagues were conducting relevant to solo physicians and small medical practices.

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