Recent Posts by Peter Bull

As Chief Technology Officer, Peter is responsible for the technology leadership, strategy, development and delivery of River Logic products. Prior to joining River Logic, Peter held a number of wide-ranging roles in the software and technology industry, including work with Tibco, in which he led the mobile analytics product team, and Extended Results (which was acquired by Tibco), in which he pioneered a leading mobile business intelligence product.

Four Best Practices for Tapping the Potential of Prescriptive Analytics

In a world of increasingly complex decisions, competitive growth and unexpected challenges, it’s not surprising that investments in big data, advanced analytics and business intelligence are at an all-time high.
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Why We Chose to Build our Cloud Application on Microsoft Azure

Developing and delivering business software is radically different today and has been revolutionized by cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure. Before I dive into our product visions and roadmap, I’d like to begin by reviewing what software development looked like from a traditional point of view….

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Peter Bull: Why I Joined River Logic

Many people in the technology industry have the ambition to work on products that are “game changers,” in terms of the impact on people using the products and the market in general. I’ve been fortunate in my career to work for a number of companies who have been genuine game changers, including SAS Institute and Microsoft. Recently, when I came to think about a new career move, signing up for something that was going to make a big impact and be a real game changer was my top priority.

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