Leveraging Prescriptive Analytics to Drive Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas


Over the last year, here at River Logic we have had the opportunity to make some pretty major waves in the Energy Industry — more specifically in the world Oil & Gas. Our internal knowledge of the space and the breadth of our solution delivery have both grown drastically. This is largely due to our relationship with our Energy partners, mentioned below. Given the nature of optimization-based prescriptive analytics, understanding how to apply this technology in a somewhat foreign industry can be a pretty big challenge. The truth is, optimization is complex — everything from understanding the best technology to use, to knowing what problems to tackle first, to ensuring your implementations will drive the fastest, and largest return.

However, our role as thought leaders in this space is to educate business leaders on all these complexities, and guide them every step of the way. That's why, following our many recent successes in the world of Energy, we decided to publish a white paper on leveraging prescriptive analytics in the Oil & Gas industry. As a completely vendor-neutral piece of content, our hope is purely to educate the Energy space, such that they are better prepared as more and more companies begin adopting prescriptive technologies.


This white paper takes a deeper look into the breakthrough form of Digital Technology called prescriptive analytics. This forward-looking form of advanced analytics has delivered truly transformational value to some of the largest and most successful Oil & Gas companies in the world.

After reading this, you’ll:

  • Understand how this technology can be leveraged in Oil & Gas to drive transformational value in your own company
  • Have a good idea of how prescriptive analytics fits with other forms of Digital Technology
  • Understand the approach to prescriptive analytics that will drive the most success
  • Have a good feel for the challenges you can address and added value with prescriptive
  • Determine whether you’re ready for this type of technology
  • Have a solid starting point on understanding what problems you want to tackle first
  • Have a few pointers from the experts on how you can ensure successful implementations

Note: We'd like to thank our trusted Partners, CGI GlobalOpportune and PwC, for helping us bring end-to-end, optimization-based prescriptive analytics to the world of Energy!

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