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River Logic and GitaCloud Partner to Deliver Powerful Planning & Decision Anlaytics

Aug 03, 2016 River Logic News

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River Logic and GitaCloud Partner to Deliver Powerful ‘Planning & Decision Analytics’ to Pharmaceutical, Automotive, High-Tech, Consumer Goods and other Manufacturing Clients in North America and Asia Pacific markets.

RLandGC.jpgPleasanton, CA — River Logic and GitaCloud partner to marry River Logic’s Prescriptive analytics-based Expert Business Platform with GitaCloud’s extensive business advisory expertise to provide powerful ‘Planning and Decision Analytics’ services to clients in the Pharmaceutical, Automotive, High-Tech, Consumer Goods, and other manufacturing sectors.

“River Logic aligns well with our business outcome- and value-centric engagement model at GitaCloud. River Logic’s Expert Business Platform gives us the ability to offer true Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solutions that bring the enterprise business performance into focus as a shared goal across commercial, operations, and finance teams. We firmly believe that advanced analytics (prescriptive analytics) in conjunction with enterprise-wide performance management can unlock significant value over current heuristic- (i.e., business rules) driven solutions that plan in silos and result in sub-optimal outcomes,” said Ashutosh Bansal, CEO at GitaCloud.

Bansal continued, “River Logic’s IBP solution can unlock step-wise changes in an enterprise’s business performance by solving simultaneously for financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) — e.g., Net Income or Return On Equity — as opposed to merely generating a heuristics-based supply response to the demand signal. Ultimately, all enterprises will be mandated by markets to make better decisions that reward shareholders, customers, and trading partners in a balanced, optimal manner — otherwise, they’ll never be able to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive and dynamic business landscape. We firmly believe that River Logic and GitaCloud can deliver the next level of business performance to our joint customers, driving profit and boosting the value of their enterprise at large.”

Manufacturing supply chain planning systems continue to fail at delivering collaborative what-if scenario management. They operate in silo-based processes, where costs are either an afterthought or generically stated in standardized accounting costs. Both methods result in skewed economic decision making and limit the supply chain organization’s ability to align and shape the thinking of finance and commercial teams. Companies need an easy way to look at the entire business — across all business functions — and perform real-world planning scenarios in order to make comprehensive decisions. This is the problem River Logic and GitaCloud are working to address across multiple manufacturing industries.

“Supply Chain leaders know that delivering the next significant improvement in performance requires alignment across commercial, supply and finance teams on the decisions that best impact shareholder value and customer service,” said Carlos Centurion, President of River Logic. “By teaming with strategic partners such as GitaCloud, we can broaden our effort to enable supply chain professionals to demonstrate and optimize the impact of decisions not just within operations, but also across product mix, demand generation and customers service — all through the deployment of expert, industry-shifting advancements in prescriptive analytics to everyday decision makers,” Centurion continued. “GitaCloud brings forth the expertise and industry know-how to help clients mature their Sales and Operations Planning and decision-making processes. In the end, GitaCloud will help customers maximize their Return on Investment and set them above their competitors,” finished Centurion.

“Our clients are facing significant cost pressures brought on by increasingly volatile demand signal, complex / outsourced global supply chains and increasing challenges to balance customer service goals against cost-to-serve with unprecedented volatility and risk from both the markets and the supplier base. With River Logic and the support of GitaCloud’s decision analytics resources, we can offer innovative solutions to manage the myriad of complex tradeoffs that drive key performance measures,” said Bansal. In industries where IBP and prescriptive analytics are being largely underutilized, both companies are excited for the opportunity to bring new opportunities to the market space.

About GitaCloud

Incorporated in Delaware in 2015, GitaCloud is on a mission to improve integrated business planning and decision making competencies at it clients. GitaCloud Principals come from a rich background of helping dozens of leading Fortune 500 companies through their business transformation in Sales & Operations Planning, Demand Planning, Supply Chain Planning & Optimization domains. GitaCloud offers a full range of services: reselling best of breed cloud software, business transformation engagements, Systems Integration engagements, and supply chain planning managed services. GitaCloud clients range from High-Tech, Pharmaceutical, Government, Automotive, Consumer Goods, and Retail verticals across North America and Asia Pacific markets.

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