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RL Partners Implement Award-Winning Business Modeling and Decision Support to South America

September 25, 2012 | By River Logic News

In the movement to digitize the enterprise and connect all things IoT and more, a former supply chain buzzword has re-emerged with more momentum than ever… and confusion! The supply chain term “control tower” is used many ways, causing some vendors to meld its point solutions into a new layer of technology and tout a beacon of insights across the supply chain with promises to include:

DALLAS, TEXAS, September 25, 2012 – River Logic, Inc., a leading provider of constraint modeling and business analytics technology, today announced the expansion of two new partner organizations: River Logic Chile and River Logic Peru.

The South American entities, which will operate autonomously and carry the River Logic banner, will create new solutions based on River Logic’s Enterprise Optimizer® platform. In addition to developing white-space solutions, the South American partners will expand their provider network comprised of independent software vendors, solution developers, consultants and system integrators.

Raimundo Veloso, Managing Partner, intends to replicate the proven go-to-market model that has supported River Logic’s domestic operations, as well as the company’s expansion through partners in Russia, the United Kingdom and South Africa.

According to Veloso, the company’s initial focus will be on integrated business planning (IBP). Veloso said, “The Enterprise Optimizer® platform is the only computing platform capable of delivering advanced analytics across market, process, and financial modeling. That is why IBP will serve as the foundation of our solution portfolio.”

Carlos Centurion, River Logic Chief Operating O­fficer, said, “We are very excited about the quality of the people and the commitment from River Logic Chile and River Logic Peru, and we expect a very successful launch.” Centurion also said, “The Enterprise Optimizer® (EO) platform continues to attract partners as the cornerstone for bringing new solutions and services to market. EO continues to be embraced by the global marketplace because it’s the only platform capable of providing predictive and prescriptive analytics with tight integration between operations and financials.”

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Founded in 2000, River Logic provides strategy, operational planning, and analytics solutions, built on the Enterprise Optimizer® platform. EO drives River Logic’s differentiation while yielding significant commercial advantages to partners and clients. River Logic works with Solution Partners to develop white space solutions, built on the Enterprise Optimizer® platform, that address business issues not well supported by current technologies.

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