"The Optimization Edge": A Book on Optimization for Business Leaders

We recently partnered with Princeton Consultants, an information technology and management consulting firm that solves complex problems using optimization. Steve Sashihara, CEO of Princeton, wrote a book on optimization that's gotten a lot of attention over the last several years. Since we're in the optimization space and are passionate about educating business leaders on this topic, we thought we'd share some information about Steve's book.
Below is a video of Steve, author of The Optimization Edge, being interviewed by Andrew Clancy of Soundview Executive Book Summaries. In the interview, Steve explains optimization and why business executives need to ask for it. 
Steve Sashihara's book, The Optimization Edge, is available here on Amazon.
In a book review, Forbe's Magazine said: 
"One of [Steve Sashihara's] most interesting arguments is that a great deal of the effort spent on information gathering and analysis is wasted... when it's used to feed business intelligence systems that produce reports that ultimately wind up being fed into spreadsheet and PowerPoint slides."
Note: River Logic is not receiving any compensation, monetary or otherwise, for sharing this. We are simply spreading the word about a very useful piece of content one of our valued partners has produced!
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