Q&A with Mike Barker, Newly Hired VP Customer & Partner Success


Briefly discuss your professional history (or email it to me separately) and touch on 2-3 things that drive you professionally.“I’m a doer and a creator — I like to take a diamond in the rough and turn it into something real. There’s [an] opportunity to help the company become more mature, a lot of opportunity in general. [I love the] challenge of building up an organization and to problem solve (Engineer by qualifications). Give me data, algorithms, etc., and I love all that.”

What will your primary job responsibilities be at River Logic?

“My title is VP Partner & Customer Success. Greg Cooper (VP Sales and Channels) will identify partners and targets. My job is to make sure that our partners are capable of delivering to customers quickly and efficiently. Every partner is an engine, so we need to create these little engines of revenue. Success is helping get their customers live; but success is also helping them generate value and on an ongoing basis. Land > Adopt > Expand > Renew: That’s how I think about it.”


What in your professional background makes you a good fit for your new role at River Logic?

“I can handle the chaos of a smaller company like River Logic. I like wearing multiple hats and I like getting stuck in the thick of things! I have ample experience in Supply Chain Operations, Supply Chain Consulting and software (presales, development, professional services) so I'm able to contribute in many areas.”


What do you hope to improve during your time here (process, culture, technology, etc.)?

“Systems and process — namely, I'd like to help the company mature and appear more professional to customers and partners, and potentially acquisition firms. I want to help us develop a quicker time-to-value for the end user and for our partners. Where are we wasting time? What systems/tools can we use to streamline this?”


What excites you most about your new job responsibilities?

“River Logic has a great opportunity in front of it and I believe that we’ll absolutely be successful.”


What unique aspects of River Logic as a company made you want to join?

“I believe in “the hype”. The level of optimization that we can deliver is much higher than what our competitors can deliver. Customers never understand the difference in level of optimization between competitors. They’ll see us as trusted advisors; they’ll understand that we’re better and why.

The other piece about River Logic is that many problems companies are trying to solve are far too complex to solve on their own, this includes using spreadsheets. People need to get better/faster at solving problems. Everyone will have to be on this (optimization-based prescriptive analytics) bandwagon at some point. Lastly, the way we link the process and the financials speaks very well to people who are looking at the business overall.”


What are the highlights of your experience at River Logic, thus far?

“I really like the people. Everyone is intelligent, nice, and they all fit with River Logic's somewhat start-up culture.”


Describe River Logic (the brand) in one word.

“Innovative and ahead of its time.”


Describe the technology in one word.



If you’d have to credit your decision to join River Logic to only one thing, what would that be (culture, technology, market space, references, etc.)

“The opportunity in the market space and the company culture...I guess that's two things, haha.”

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