Q&A with Greg Cooper, New Hire VP Sales & Channels


GregCooper_2.jpgDescribe your professional history?

“My professional history is around technology and software apps that are mission critical to the customers that I serve, and working w/ direct and channel partners to help end customers realize the value of those solutions. Learning. Learning about how businesses operate and how they can adjust to improve. Once I learn, I start to get very involved in those transformations, both with our internal team, our Partners and our Customers.”

What will your primary job responsibilities be at River Logic?

“I will be responsible for enabling and working directly with our Channel to drive solutions and value to our mutual end customers.”

What in your professional background makes you a good fit for your new role at River Logic?

“I have a strong enterprise sales & channel experience that’s going to allow for us to enable our partners and quickly penetrate the market with our solutions. What I like to do is get involved and get into the trenches. I like working hand in hand with various team members in their roles to really help them drive the outcomes everyone wants to achieve. That’s my style, I love getting into it. If I look at my history and success, it’s because I’ve gotten a good perspective on how things do and should operate because I’m able to put my feet in the shoes of team members, partners, and customers.”

What do you hope to improve during your time here (process, culture, technology etc.)?

“I want to help drive scale by optimizing the team we have and making ourselves look and feel bigger than we are, to get more done. I want to help build a world-class Channel for our solutions, which is inclusive of building really good relationships with our partners. It’s more than just the relationship, we’re going to help them build a BUSINESS around River Logic. I want to see us have an impeccable relationship with our partners. The collective objective is to generate HUGE, unmatched value for our perspective-end customers.”

What excites you most about your new job responsibilities?

“What’s most exciting to me is to build out a channel around a VERY differentiated piece of the marketspace that isn’t bogged down but the same value opportunities. We really bring a whole unique value to the marketspace, something that hasn’t been seen/done before. It’s not like anything else out there.”

What unique aspects of River Logic as a company made you want to join?

“The fact that we’re offering a next-gen analytics solution that is perfectly positioned for where the market is going and needs to be. We’re where the puck is going to be from an analytics perspective, to use a hockey analogy. Optimization and prescriptive is where everyone knows businesses will end up. They just need to figure out the journey from basic analytics tools telling them what happened to prescriptive and optimization, telling them what’s going to happen and what to do about it. We already have the solution to that endpoint, waiting for people to get there and helping them get there.”

What are the highlights of your experience at River Logic, thus far?

“I’ve been with River Logic for a month now, and I have to say, we have some really committed and intelligent people who have a long-tenured belief in the value this solution can bring an organization.”

Describe River Logic (the brand) in one word.


Describe the technology in one word.


If you’d have to credit your decision to join River Logic to only one thing, what would that be (culture, technology, market space, references, etc.)

“It’s the potential — all over potential and the upside this organization brings to its Channels, it’s customers, and the market space.”

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