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The 10 Must-Read Supply Chain Blogs for 2019

January 2, 2019 | By River Logic

Missing out on the most current trends or what the forward-thinkers are writing about in supply chain? Want to read more case studies on the sales and operations planning process?

The big picture is this: Worldwide, the supply chain industry is a big business. In fact, Harvard Business Review reports the U.S. supply chain employs 44 million people.


On a trajectory to represent more than $30 billion by 2026, the supply chain category, which consists of planning, inventory, sourcing, transportation, information, and more continues to evolve with the advent of sensors, robotics, AR, and other disruptive technologies. We see this as our customers adopt these technologies.

To stay up to date, we’ve listed top supply chain reads. Although many are favorite industry stalwarts, you’ll find a few new and unique ones on our list. Check out the reads (in no order of preference) that you may find as new go-to-resources!

The Best Supply Chain Specific Blogs

2019’s must-reads include more than half of publications that begin with ‘supply chain’ and average anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000+ online subscribers.

Supply Chain Matters

Consider it on-the-ground reporting with independent expert Bob Ferrari, who is the publication’s founder and Executive Editor. Content includes many vertical industries as well as industry functions. This blog frequently ranks as a top one among supply chain lists. You can also join Supply Chain Matter’s 10.5K Twitter followers at @SC_Matters_Blog.

SupplyChain 24/7

This online new pub with 40,000 members worldwide features key categories to include transportation, warehouse/DC, supply chain, technology, and business. Plus, it draws content from 1,500 supply chain companies. Registration is required to get access to the expanded content. Join on Twitter with its other 14,500 followers at @SupplyChain247.

Supply Chain Insights

Headed by Lora Cecere, former analyst and practitioner for top CPG companies like Procter & Gamble, Kraft/General Foods, Clorox, and others, the target audience for this site is supply chain leaders with the focus to deliver independent, actionable, and objective advice. Get Tweet-size info with 10,000 others at @SCInsightsLLC.


From publisher Keller International Publishing Corp., this online source targets the high-level supply chain executive. Content includes technology, disciplines, and functions categories plus regional coverage including Asia Pacific, Europe, China, the Middle East/Africa, Canada, Latin America, and North America. @SCBrain has 37,000 Twitter followers.

Supply Chain Network

This site features one of the more healthier numbers of Twitter followers with more than 46,000 supply chain and logistics pros. What it lacks in a slick, user interface as its media-driven counterparts, it makes up for in depth of content, reminding me of that expression, “everything but the kitchen sink.” Jeff Ashcroft and participating bloggers delve into broad subject matters, making it easy to find a viewpoint on almost any related topic. Join them on Twitter at @SupplyChainNtwk.

Supply Chain Management Review

Equating itself to the Harvard Business Review approach, Supply Chain Management Review (SCMR) publishes news and features contributed by academia, SCM professionals, and industry analysts. Subjects featured include sourcing and procurement, software and technology, transportation and logistics, education, and case studies on companies such as Wal-Mart, Motorola, IBM, and Pfizer. Twitter followers number over 28,000. You can follow them at @SCMR

Supply Chain @ MIT

If you want an academic viewpoint, Supply Chain @ MIT provides thought leadership from the school’s prestigious Center for Transportation and Logistics. Subject categories you may not find on other sites include Humanitarian and Resilience; both which you would expect of an academic approach to cover the history lesson, as well as action-oriented assignments to put into practice today. With more than 27,000 followers, the site can also be found on Twitter at  @mitsupplychain.

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Supply Chain Movement

Addressing the international market, Supply Chain Movement focuses its content on supply chain decision-makers providing cases, reports, books, and visuals in addition to online blogs with more than 10,000 subscribers and 6,400 followers on LinkedIn.

Steve Banker (Forbes)

A frequent contributor to Forbes online and VP of Supply Chain Services at ARC Advisory Group, Banker covers logistics and supply chain management topics including technologies and trends. He also writes weekly for Logistics Viewpoints and can be found on Twitter at @steve_scm.

Medium IoT for All

Want to know what a Millennial supply chain professional is reading? There’s a 50% chance that you’ll find them on Medium -- especially of interest is its IoT for All section. New to this year’s list is the curated, eclectic content that focuses on the readers (not advertisers) and rewards both readers/writers based on originality, engagement, and viewpoint. Medium’s social-sharing content platform averaged 60 million readers in 2017; 48,000 are readers of its supply chain section.

Wall Street Journal Logistics Report

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) was on our previous list as a top resource when it comes to supply chain. This year, we want to note that within the Business section is the Logistics Report, dedicating targeted news to the C-Suite on the world of logistics, from supply chain to transport and technology. The WSJ is a favorite for its overall business and market perspectives on a global scale. You can follow its editor on Twitter at @PaulPage.

Special Mention

River Logic Blog

From success stories on how industry leaders solved their most critical challenges to perspectives on supply chain technology use, the River Logic blog has many subject matter expert contributors such as Eric Kelso, Nathan Goldstein, and Carlos Centurion. This inside view into industry leaders’ biggest challenges shows readers how prescriptive analytics identifies the most profitable courses of action, plus lets you in on the actual financial outcome that these companies gained after putting these plans into place. Top supply chain blog titles include:

●      Why Supply Chain Planning with Sustainability is Growing in Importance

●      Why Do Supply Chains Need an Effective Communication Plan?

●      Unilever Reveals Radical Savings with the Power of Prescriptive Analytics, Brought to Life through Microsoft PowerBI

Technology Publications Mentions

Online technology resources like Wired and Fast Company often offer a unique perspective on the supply chain industry, too. You can learn more about startups who are building next-gen supply chain technologies and read viewpoints that take into account other technologies and cybersecurity impacts.

Beyond the Blogosphere: Getting Supply Chain News and Education

Many of the resources listed above expand content offerings in other formats like podcasts and open universities. Examples include the podcast Supply Chain Insights and MITOpen, which is not necessarily easy to navigate but allows non-alum to access materials being taught at leading universities on supply chain principles.

Closing Summary

There is no shortage of supply chain information and viewpoints. In an industry that makes up almost 40% of the U.S. workforce, supply chain coverage is as vast as it is varied.

River Logic continues to share its supply chain planning and logistics knowledge from an advanced analytics perspective, providing unique insights on how its customers are moving from traditional tools to a unified platform that gives them actionable insights to stay ahead of the competition.

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