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The Next Frontier: Prescriptive Analytics for the Non-Data Scientist

June 12, 2017 | By Shannon Kearns

On May 23rd at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, we gave a 45-minute presentation entitled "The Next Frontier: Prescriptive Analytics for the Non-Data Scientist," presented by Ray Cline, former Global Industry Lead at CGI Oil & Gas and Gene Carlino, our very own Director of Sales. 

Although I was in our speaking session the entire time, we heard from a handful of attendees that our session had about four times as many attendees as the other three speaking sessions that took place during the same time slot (hooray!).

Given the rapid increase in interest around leveraging prescriptive analytics in the business planning process, we had a feeling this topic / message would resonate well with Gartner's supply chain audience, and it appears we were right!

I've embedded the video below and would suggest that anyone who's even somewhat interested in the topic of prescriptive analytics should check out the presentation. It's relatively high level but specifically designed for business leaders who might be a bit less comfortable working with advanced analytics technologies.

Our hope is that the presentation sparks educates you and also sparks your interest enough that you'll search for more information. Should that be the case, we have a fantastic e-book on prescriptive that does a much deeper dive into the topic (grab a copy here).

Note: You must enable Adobe flash to play the video. If you're having trouble viewing the video, simply follow this link

prescriptive analytics for business leaders ebook

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