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What Should You Look for in Your BI/Analytics Platforms?

As the business environment increases in complexity, so does the need for better business intelligence (BI) and analytics. This is demonstrated by Gartner's prediction, stating that the market for BI and advanced analytics will reach $18.3 billion by the end of 2017.

Gartner's 8 Supply Chain Trends You Can't Ignore

Gartner recently identified the top eight disruptive technologies most likely to impact organizational supply chains in 2018. Keep in mind, these trending technologies are scattered throughout the various stages of the Gartner Hype Cycle, which charts the development of technologies from concept to maturity and adoption. Starting with those closest to commercial viability, here the the eight supply chain trends you can't ignore.

New Research by KPMG Shows CEOs Don't Trust Their Analytics

The benefits of data-driven analytical decision making are becoming increasingly apparent. Consequently, CEOs are accelerating plans to use data and analytics (D&A) to drive organizational growth. They realize that effective use of analytics increases revenue and improves profitability.

Transform Your Supply Chain or Lose Out to Competitors

The business world is in a state of flux as new technologies continually change the way companies operate. The pace of innovation is fast. Those in the lead respond to changing market demands quickly and efficiently, leaving behind those who rely on inflexible and dated supply chains.

Presenting Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Use Cases in the Planning and Decision Support Process.

Are you up to date with how predictive analytics and machine learning could help your business?

How Business Leaders Can Leverage Advanced Analytics: A Marketing Story

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