Math Underpins Humanity’s Achievements…Why Not Your Business?

The most significant human achievements in science and exploration have one thing in common. Whether it’s pyramids in Egypt, sailboats that enabled commerce throughout history, the printing press, the first flight to or landing on the Moon, mathematics have made these innovations possible and played a key role in making them efficient.

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Algorithms, Optimization and Business Part I: What is an Algorithm?

In the first of our five-part blog post series on mathematical optimization, algorithms and business, we answer the question "What is an algorithm." 

In brief, it's a kind of function which is used in predictive and expository capacities by businesses as varied as Sony and IBM. Specifically, an algorithm is a contained set of operations that, when performed, can help yield information about a certain trend, or set of data.

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Monte Carlo Optimization for Beginners

The Monte Carlo method is a well-known simulation technique that uses statistical random sampling to solve mathematical problems. In use for about 85 years, many variants exist across a wide range of disciplines. If you're not familiar with these, I suggest reading this Wiki page.

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