Spinnaker Partners with River Logic to Deliver Optimization-enabled Business Planning Solutions

DALLAS, July 7, 2017 -- River Logic today announced its new partnership with Spinnaker, a supply chain services company that helps clients grow, manage risk, reduce costs and improve customer service by developing world-class supply chain capabilities.

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Gartner names Microsoft Azure a leader in aPaaS

Gartner recognizes Microsoft Azure as a leader in their Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Application Platform as a Service for the third year in a row based on completeness of vision and ability to execute. 

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Achieving a Higher Return on Assets: 3 Problems, 3 Solutions

Over the last 50 years, US companies have been battling a decrease in their asset profitability. Despite an improved economy, higher productivity from workers and technology, and larger profits, return on assets (or ROA) has been on a steady decline across the economy.

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Scenario Analysis: A Powerful Analytics Force

Have you asked yourself what it will take for your company to stay ahead of the competition or weather an unexpected economic storm?

These are the hypothetical questions that executives must continuously ask, examples such as:

  • What should we do if the price of energy begins to skyrocket?
  • What should we do if legislation decides to pass a regulation that will make production more difficult?
  • What should we do to maximize profits from a promotional program?

More and more, executives are relying on technology for the answers.

So, why is scenario analysis important to your business? Because now, prescribing the best paths forward based on data analytics — what we call prescriptive analytics — is within reach with the River Logic platform.

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[Infographic] Solve Your Company's Biggest Challenges: Revamp S&OP

There is no shortage of talk in Supply Chain and Manufacturing industries about the new direction S&OP is / needs to take. Analysts and industry experts predict that it will eventually morph into more sophisticated Integrated Business Planning in order to align with overarching business goals. So how can companies transition their older, less successful S&OP to a process that truly addresses goals / metrics that executives, shareholders and other stakeholders actually care about? Check out our latest infographic to see how it can be done. Not detailed enough? Grab our e-book for an in-depth look at effectively bringing your S&OP up to speed.  

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Algos & Optimization Part III: Algorithmic Business—the New "It" Word

Part one of our five-part series on algorithms, mathematical optimization and business answered the question "what is an algorithm" while part two dove into the definition of mathematical optimization. In the third post of the series, we will discuss why algorithms are quickly gaining press in the business world. Gartner has even coined this trend as the arrival of "algorithmic business.Peter Sondergaard, Senior Vice President at Gartner and Global Head of Research recently said "Algorithms are where the real value lies. Algorithms define action. Dynamic algorithms are the core of new customer interactions.” Let's dive deeper into the meaning of this statement

Modern data analysis is making acquisition and utilization of effective business algorithms realistic. When the data can be properly gathered and processed, best practices can be identified and redundant practices can be curtailed. In fact, IDC’s Worldwide Big Data and Analytics 2016 Predictions stated that “organizations that analyze all relevant data and deliver actionable information will achieve extra $430 billion in productivity gains over less analytically orients peers by 2020.

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