Why Do Supply Chains Need an Effective Communication Plan?

Effective communication is a vital component to successful supply chain management, yet an alarming amount of businesses have no official communication plan in place to guide their employees. On top of this, supply chain managers are rarely trained in communications and end up taking a very laissez faire attitude towards the entire process.

To understand why this is a problem, stop and consider the effects of bad communication. The number one result is decreased efficiency through wasted time, money and resources. Other effects include decreased worker morale, public relation problems and missed opportunities for innovation, among other things.

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Change Management: Managing Change in an Ever-changing World

The concept of organizational change sometimes creates apprehension among middle management and employees because of a perception that it is simply another tool used by management to cut back. Much of this comes from a lack of transparency, honesty and integrity on behalf of those driving change.

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A Risk-free Strategy to Assess, Manage and Profit from Change

I remember receiving some important advice when I was stuck doing the same thing over and over again — I was young and had only a few years of job experience. The gist of the advice was this: “unless you take risks, you’ll never know what you can accomplish.” The fear of change is something that is present within everyone, and organizations are no different.

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