5 Reasons Over Half of Data Science Projects Never Leave the Lab

Remember dissecting a frog in middle school? The point of the project was to learn about the internal workings of the amphibian’s organs and get a better picture of ecology as a whole. However, the smell of formaldehyde often made it difficult to think about the purpose. Instead, the tendency was to finish the task at hand — one that usually involved a knife-happy partner paired with a squeamish one who documented results with eyes half-shut.

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How to Prepare for the Citizen Data Scientist

Although the potential benefits of understanding and utilizing the information contained within increasing volumes of corporate data have been widely broadcast, the truth is relatively few companies have really tapped this potential. Corporations have made strides by using this data, clearly showing that there is a huge potential for growth in this area. Examples include, a pharmaceutical company who used the power of the AWS cloud to analyze clinical trial data to reduce the time needed for trial simulations, and an office equipment manufacturer was able to tackle excessive call center attrition.

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A New Business Role Has Developed: The Citizen Data Scientists

As better understanding of big data evolved, many organizations realized there was tremendous potential to extract actionable information from their data. However, the ability to turn unstructured data into useful information was often hampered by resource limitations and high costs.

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