Will Starbucks Suck Plastics out of the Economy? How to Pivot Your Corporate Strategy and Planning When Unexpected Shifts Happen


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Scenario Analysis: A Powerful Analytics Force

Have you asked yourself what it will take for your company to stay ahead of the competition or weather an unexpected economic storm?

These are the hypothetical questions that executives must continuously ask, examples such as:

  • What should we do if the price of energy begins to skyrocket?
  • What should we do if legislation decides to pass a regulation that will make production more difficult?
  • What should we do to maximize profits from a promotional program?

More and more, executives are relying on technology for the answers.

So, why is scenario analysis important to your business? Because now, prescribing the best paths forward based on data analytics — what we call prescriptive analytics — is within reach with the River Logic platform.

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