Shoes of Prey Presents Prescriptive Analytics at Retail Supply Chain Summit

At this year's Annual Online Retail Supply Chain Summit, held in Melbourne, Australia, River Logic's customer Shoes of Prey gave a keynote entitled "Overcoming key supply chain challenges to meet customer fulfillment." Presented by Chris McCallum, Chief Operating Officer at Shoes of Prey, the keynote focused on three topics:

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Enterprise Optimization™: “The Most Valuable Tool We've Added”

One of the things I enjoy the most about my role at River Logic is talking to customers about their Enterprise Optimizer® (EO) experience, especially first time customers like Lynette Kotze of Queensland Energy Resources (QER).

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Integrated Business Planning in Coal Mining

integrated business planning in coal miningOne of our partners – GMCS out of Moscow, Russia – recently helped us prepare a case study of a comprehensive EO-based planning solution they recently implemented at a large coal producer. The client has 30+ mines, produces 100m+ tons of coal per year and sells to 800+ customers. The solution delivered close to 5% of revenue in additional profit per year – a whopping $250 million in this case – for a massive ROI when considering the NPV over even a 5 year time frame.

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