2019 Crude Oil Trading: Why You Need Prescriptive Analytics


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Oil and Gas Refinery Challenges: People, Product, and Placement

The revival of a strong economic foundation, increase in global demand, and boom of U.S. shale production shine a bright forecast for oil and gas refineries, numbering about 700 worldwide. About 20% of these operate in the U.S. and have emerged as one of the financially healthier players in the oil and gas ecosystem.
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Barrel Up: Oilfield Digitization Comes of Age

A company making a widget that sells for $50 but in a matter of months gains demand, allowing the price to be bumped up to $70, would sound like a great thing. Right?

If only it were that simple in the Energy industry. The barrel price of Brent crude — the thermometer of industry health — has made a comeback that has many stakeholders more skeptical than elated. Why? Unlike other industries, Energy turns on an axis of its own as we covered earlier. However, what makes this time different is that the uptick, for most U.S. firms, comes from a position of offense as a leading exporter rather than playing defense because of foreign oil actions. The equation has changed. 

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