Memo to the CEO: Your Employees May Be Keeping Profit-Improving Opportunities a Secret

Transformational technology is in a battle — and it has been for quite some time. New vendors are constantly popping up that offer innovative, advanced analytics solutions that, while less well known, are true value drivers. But companies can’t seem to break up with their long-term IT project implementations, hence the struggle.

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Results of the 2015 Operations Research Survey

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White Paper: How to Elevate Your S&OP Process

We'll keep this short and sweet. In case you missed it, here's an opportunity to download our latest white paper, "Elevate S&OP with Enterprise Optimization™." In this white paper, we cover the following:
    • Limitations to current planning approaches
    • Why successful, modern supply chain planning requires Enterprise Optimization™
    • The steps and tools necessary to achieve Enterprise Optimization™ within your company
    • The unmatched benefits of Enterprise Optimization™ to S&OP strategy

Access the white paper by clicking below.

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Why Packaged Optimization Solutions are No Longer Cutting It

For a long time, packaged software held the promise of handling scheduling and planning for supply chain while automating business processes — such as order processing and inventory management — at a significantly lower cost than custom solutions. Indeed, packaged optimization solutions often have lower initial costs as well as supplier-provided bug fixes and upgrades.

It sounds ideal (and perhaps it used to be). However, given where technology has headed in the last decade, these out-of-the-box solutions are now being seen as more restrictive, less-than-ideal solutions for optimization.

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Top 5 Modeling Capabilities to Achieve Optimization in Manufacturing

Enterprise Optimization™ in manufacturing has become increasingly beneficial for corporations in recent years, as software and our understanding of what makes companies tick have improved in tandem—but all the computing power and theoretical knowledge in the world won’t guarantee accurate, useful modeling for your optimization efforts. To get it right, and secure a real improvement in your company, you need to work with a solution which offers you several key factors—starting with the five we’re going to discuss here.

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Get Maximum Value out of Your S&OP Strategy

There is huge potential value locked up in your S&OP strategy, if you’re willing to put the effort into optimizing your business. Utilizing the latest and greatest tools, most up-to-date methodologies, and the best business research to put together a highly efficient, effective S&OP strategy generates value that will grab the attention of every C-Suite member, every board member, even every shareholder paying attention. Let’s discuss what needs to goes into getting maximum value out of your S&OP strategy.

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Using Optimization Technology to Accelerate Supply Chain Innovation

While it has obtained an unsavory reputation as a buzzword of choice for low-substance offerings in recent years, innovation remains an important part of any business. That being said, not every innovation needs to bring a ground-breaking, revolutionary change to your industry; sometimes, the greatest profits come from smaller innovations behind the scenes. Let's dive into the ways businesses should leverage optimization solutions to develop newer, better logistical solutions at a faster pace than ever before.

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