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[Reblog] How to Integrate Financials with S&OP

A few days back, well-known S&OP / IBP consultant Stephen Crane posted an article on LinkedIn entitled "How to Integrate Financials with S&OP." It was refreshing for us here at River Logic to see this type of post coming from someone like Stephen — a big voice in the S&OP / IBP space — as this is a concept we've been trying to push for years now.

CFOs: Prepare for Trump's Corporate Tax Reforms

Trump’s election victory, coupled with Republican control of both houses of Congress, means we are likely to see a strong and decisive start to his presidency, with tax reform high on the agenda.

Syncing Financial And Non-Financial Data

A recent blog post by Ira Apfel on SAP's Digitalist Magazine discusses how the role of Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) roles are headed toward Integrated Planning (also referred to as Integrated Financial Planning or Integrated Business Planning).

The Future of Spreadsheets in the Office of Finance

It may seem like yesterday to some old timers, or just the distant past to more recent newcomers, but spreadsheets haven't really been around for that long. In fact, for all practical purposes, the first one (Excel) was only introduced in 1985. Since then, Excel itself has evolved, and dozens of new competitors have entered the marketplace.

Originally a simple organizational resource, spreadsheets rapidly evolved into heavy-duty analytical tools now know as Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions – and that evolution has still not stopped. Still, the simple(?) spreadsheet remains a valued tool in the office of finance.

2016 Brings CFOs in Favor Integrated and Continuous Planning

If you’ve ever traveled over the holidays, you can relate to the disarray created when supply and demand are disrupted by external forces. It's no secret that, in the world of business, there are hundreds of variables that are difficult to predict in advance. Furthermore, many unpredictable variables can significantly impact a company's bottom line.

The Analytics Plans for CFO and Senior Finance Executives

Those paying attention to the IBM Insight 2015 conference in Las Vegas heard quite a bit about the future of analytics and applied data. For many, though, you may have missed takeaways that didn’t focus on particular solutions, software, or outlooks for years to come. Today, we’re going to touch on a survey conducted by IBM’s Center for Applied Insights that we found particularly interesting and relevant. Specifically, they conducted a survey which focused in on the role of analytics in the way forward-thinking CFOs and Senior Finance Executives are making decisions and improving bottom lines.

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