Ventana Research: Sales and Operations Planning Process Scores a 'C'

Ventana Research has released its Sales and Operations planning (S&OP) Dynamic Insight research which gives companies an opportunity to self-assess their S&OP, or Integrated Business Planning process.

More than half of the companies participating gave themselves a “C” grade for this core business process, citing several key complaints:

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How Enterprise Optimizer is Used to Calculate Opportunity Values

The single most important differentiator for River Logic is its proprietary ability to calculate Opportunity Values™. This is essential in the new economic science, known as Integrated Business Planning (IBP). 

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Enhancing Decision Support and Operational Planning Processes

Linking strategic targets with tactical and operative planning on all levels of the enterprise

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a holistic planning methodology that global enterprises can employ to generate maximum profit, cash flow, and return on assets. Through IBP, enterprises can eliminate siloed views and partial financials. IBP creates a unified model of the entire enterprise – one that enhances decision support and operational planning processes and builds a complete set of financials.

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OLAP and Constraint Modeling: Which Is Best?

Q&A with FORMER Vice President Technical Development for River Logic: OLAP and Constraint Modeling

Question: Firms are disillusioned with traditional Business Intelligence (BI) today, why?

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Use Prescriptive Analytics to Make Decisions that Will Help Your Company Make More Money

Efficiency Gains and Cost Savings Don’t Always Drop to the Bottom Line. Prescriptive Analytics Can Explain Why and What to Do About It.

How prescriptive analytics can help manufacturers set priorities and realize greater financial gains from capital investments and improvement efforts.

During employee team meetings, the CEO of one of our clients would always make a point of reviewing how the company made money. “We take a bunch of random raw materials,” he would say, “and convert them into something we can sell for more than what it costs to make. What’s left over is called profit. We’re in business to make more of that stuff called profit.”

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Demand Shaping: Strengthening the S&OP Process with What-if Analysis

While embedding financials is the bedrock for expanding the value from S&OP, adding robust what-if analysis capabilities can unleash its maximum potential, thus delivering true Integrated Business Planning.

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Integrated Business Planning: What is it and Why it’s a Big Deal

Q & A: What is Integrated Business Planning?

We sat down with Srikanth Srinivas, an Integrated Business Planning (IBP) expert, and fired off a series of questions to help readers interested in IBP understand the following:

  • The definition of IBP
  • The true value of IBP
  • How to go about finding the best IBP solution 
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S&OP Process: What does it mean to Integrate with Finance?

Whether it’s referred to as Integrated Business Planning, Profit Sales & Operations Planning (PS&OP), “Strategic” S&OP or another name, the market is looking for the next generation of the S&OP process to include financials as an integral part of the process. 

However, through my conversations with customers, management consultants, industry analysts, and other software providers it has become clear there isn’t a commonly understood definition of what this means. One thing is clear, with fluctuating input costs, constantly changing promotional campaigns, wide portfolios of products, and shifting constraints in the supply chain, adding financials to S&OP is needed more than ever.

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Integrated Business Planning: Transforming Business Intelligence into Business Wisdom

By Robert Whitehair, Ph.D.

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Decision Management Expert, James Taylor, Reviews River Logic

James Taylor is the CEO of Decision Management Solutions and author of the book Smart (Enough) Systems. James helps companies adopt technology to improve operational decisions – the decisions that make a difference in transactions day to day. James also writes a popular blog on the topic - JTonEDM - and manages a channel at BeyeNETWORK.

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