Opportunities for Enterprise Consultants Embracing Advanced Analytics

Enterprise consultants are uniquely positioned to maximize the benefits derived from advanced analytics, provided they act swiftly. The nature of new, complex, advanced analytics requirements places consulting firms at an advantage over traditional software companies. Consulting firms, understanding their advantaged position, are rapidly adopting predictive and prescriptive analytics, due to the following:

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Turn Business Intelligence into Business Wisdom

business intelligenceBy embedding next-generation analytics into your planning and decision support solutions, you can take your business intelligence to the next level. The best part? We've got the perfect tool to help you do this.

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Increasing Mergers and Acquisitions Success

Mergers and AcquisitionsVisit the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) section of just about any consulting firm or any MBA school’s website and you’ll find research-backed assertions indicating that “…50% to 80% of M&A transactions fail to deliver shareholder value.”1 The authors of these studies have identified two factors causing M&A transactions to fall short of delivering their potential value: lack of proper planning, either before committing or during pre-close, and the failure to address cultural issues.

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