Algorithms, Optimization and Business Part II: Mathematical Optimization

In part one of our 5-part series on algorithms, mathematical optimization and how they relate to modern business, we answered the question "what is an algorithm." In part two, we will define modern mathematical optimization and explore some of its benefits

Mathematical optimization uses software algorithms to examine variables in a business model, in continuous operations, or in data sets. Once that information is examined, those who've employed it can optimize in a way that conserves resources and/or increases profit.

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Algorithms, Optimization and Business Part I: What is an Algorithm?

In the first of our five-part blog post series on mathematical optimization, algorithms and business, we answer the question "What is an algorithm." 

In brief, it's a kind of function which is used in predictive and expository capacities by businesses as varied as Sony and IBM. Specifically, an algorithm is a contained set of operations that, when performed, can help yield information about a certain trend, or set of data.

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Results of the 2015 Operations Research Survey

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