How Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Can Improve Your Planning and Decision Support Process

Are you up to date with how predictive analytics and machine learning could help your business?

There are an increasing number of use cases coming to light from small, forward-thinking and innovative businesses right through to large corporations. Wherever you sit on the scale, we’re certain there are ways your business can benefit from predictive analysis and machine learning.

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How Business Leaders Can Leverage Advanced Analytics: A Marketing Story

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Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics: Your Supply Chain Needs Both

As manufacturing companies become increasingly complex and begin leveraging more data, the role of advanced analytics in business planning processes is slowly becoming a necessity.

More than half of CEOs surveyed by Gartner Research claimed that their top strategic priority for the year was business growth. This means more responsibilities are being placed on the Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) — she will take on the dual roles of operational caretaker and growth partner in a time when the supply chain is not just about management.

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