What’s Wrong with Spreadsheet Analysis?

Jim called me the other day. He is an analyst working for a mid-sized CPG company. I went to school with him back in the day. He usually calls with questions about his PC, such as “Why won’t it run fast enough?”

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Integrated Business Planning: What is it and Why it’s a Big Deal

Q & A: What is Integrated Business Planning?

We sat down with Srikanth Srinivas, an Integrated Business Planning (IBP) expert, and fired off a series of questions to help readers interested in IBP understand the following:

  • The definition of IBP
  • The true value of IBP
  • How to go about finding the best IBP solution 
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Scenario Analysis: A Powerful Analytics Force

Have you asked yourself what it will take for your company to stay ahead of the competition or weather an unexpected economic storm?

These are the hypothetical questions that executives must continuously ask, examples such as:

  • What should we do if the price of energy begins to skyrocket?
  • What should we do if legislation decides to pass a regulation that will make production more difficult?
  • What should we do to maximize profits from a promotional program?

More and more, executives are relying on technology for the answers.

So, why is scenario analysis important to your business? Because now, prescribing the best paths forward based on data analytics — what we call prescriptive analytics — is within reach with the River Logic platform.

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How to Manage Supply Chain Risk and Ensure Continuity

Thomas Jefferson said, “With great risk comes great reward.” However, he failed to mention that with great risk comes the potential for great loss. Risk is not something only investment firms have to acknowledge. Every company, especially manufacturing companies with large supply chains, have the challenge of managing risk.

Because of the potential for loss, it is important for organizations to mitigate, manage, and handle risk in their supply chain if they want to ensure customer satisfaction, experience greater profitability and outcompete competitors. People running supply chains certainly know that risk management is important, but do they know just how important it is?

The data says no.

Previous studies have found that many supply chain executives are apathetic towards managing and assessing risk. For example, none of the organizations in the study use an outside source for assessing the risk in their supply chain, yet most organizations will bring in consultants for employee management, marketing, sales, and finance. A shocking 90% of organizations do not consider risk when outsourcing their production, which could have dramatic effects on the speed of their supply chain.

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Microsoft Office Excel Scenario Manager and Prescriptive Analytics

River Logic’s Enterprise Optimizer® and Microsoft Office Excel® have a long and close working relationship. For two decades, EO’s prescriptive analytics-based models have read data from and written data to Excel workbooks. Consistently one of EO’s most popular data sources, Excel makes building prototype EO models or conducting quick, one-off consulting projects considerably easier. It has also been an excellent option to analyze EO model solution results, either with Excel’s built-in features or using add-on technologies like Tableau.

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What If Scenario Analysis was Prescriptive?

This is the second blog post in a series on True Integrated Business Planning (IBP).  If you missed the first post on why I joined River Logic and the definition of True IBP, you can read it here.  

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Opportunities for Enterprise Consultants Embracing Advanced Analytics

Enterprise consultants are uniquely positioned to maximize the benefits derived from advanced analytics, provided they act swiftly. The nature of new, complex, advanced analytics requirements places consulting firms at an advantage over traditional software companies. Consulting firms, understanding their advantaged position, are rapidly adopting predictive and prescriptive analytics, due to the following:

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River Logic, Inc. cited as Innovative Business Analytics Company Under $100M to Watch

International Data Corporation (IDC) recently released the report titled “Innovative Business Analytics Companies Under $100M to Watch.” The report features vendors that are innovating around three key trends in the business analytics market. These trends are: Collaborative Decision Management, Cloud-based Analytics, and Mobile Analytics.

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Finding directions in a complicated world

I am lucky because I work with some really smart people. One of those really smart guys recently said to me that “All problems are search problems”. He went on to point out how Google has taken this approach and has been wildly successful (check out Google’s current stock price). When you enter anything into a Google search box, you will get some kind of result. You may be shopping, looking to answer what movie won the 1957 best picture Oscar (The Bridge on the River Kwai) or trying to find how to get somewhere. Google is going to search its database and get you an answer.

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