Make Your Supply Chain a Lean, Mean Fighting Machine

Developing a lean supply chain should be a top priority for any business. A lean supply chain is efficient and will take as few resources as possible to create maximum value. This sounds simple on paper, but when you apply this idea to sophisticated global chains of goods and services, things become much more complicated.

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Achieving a Higher Return on Assets: 3 Problems, 3 Solutions

Over the last 50 years, US companies have been battling a decrease in their asset profitability. Despite an improved economy, higher productivity from workers and technology, and larger profits, return on assets (or ROA) has been on a steady decline across the economy.

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Perspective: The New Uber of Analytics and Moving Along the Analytics Powered Decision-Making Curve

The Wall Street Journal recently published a report: Uber Should Share More Data with Cities, (Paid subscription required) which for this author, provides a further example for moving beyond traditional functionally based intelligence and decision-making into the broader, more prescriptive context of business or enterprise-wide decision making needs.

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