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Transform Your Supply Chain or Lose Out to Competitors

The business world is in a state of flux as new technologies continually change the way companies operate. The pace of innovation is fast. Those in the lead respond to changing market demands quickly and efficiently, leaving behind those who rely on inflexible and dated supply chains.

The Autonomous Supply Chain: Possible or Impossible?

In the press, a great deal of attention is given to the concept of using drones to deliver parcels direct to people's homes as well as the use of autonomous delivery vehicles on the road. As exciting as these concepts are, a lot more work is needed before they are mature enough for large-scale implementation.

River Logic to Attend NASCES 2017 in Chicago





DALLAS, TX — August 15, 2017 — River Logic will be exhibiting at the North American Supply Chain Executive Summit September 11-12th in Chicago.

What can Gartner’s 2017 CSCO supply chain survey tell you about your business?

More than likely, you’re going to be making significant investments in your supply chain over the next several years (or perhaps you’ve already started). If so, it’s worth looking at the recent findings from the 2017 CSCO Supply Chain survey by Gartner.

Gartner Announces the Top 25 Supply Chains

The past decade has seen a sea change in the way supply chains are organized and instituted in the best companies. While most companies recognize the need to improve their supply chain infrastructure, the best ones realize that optimizing this portion of their business is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase the bottom line. Here is a quick rundown on how the best companies that truly “get” the message properly manage their supply chains.

Capacity Planning: Is Your Plan Feasible and Optimal?

Most organizations have a hard time minimizing the discrepancies between their capacity and the demands of their customers. As a result, most of them are under-utilizing resources or are unable to fulfill customer demand.

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