Q&A with Eric McBride at Barkawi Management Consultants

Q&A with Eric McBride, Operational Excellence Practice Lead, Barkawi 


  • What is your role within the company? I’m the Operational Excellence Practice Leader. I work in the North America office with about half of the company, but we are actually based in Munich.
  • What are Barkawi’s major goals over the next 5 years? Growth! We want to grow our revenue by 5X over the next 5 years.
  • With whom are you currently partnered? Kinaxis is our main partner right now. We also work with PTC Corporation, E2Open, and Service Max.
  • How did you first hear about River Logic? We first met River Logic at the annual Gartner Supply Chain Conference in Phoenix, AZ back in 2016.


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Advanced Analytics Aren't Just for IT...

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) play a key role in sourcing new technology that can be used to develop and grow an organization's business. This includes using advanced analytics to examine data and develop future strategy based on trends and other information mined from the data. The information is invaluable, and this is the reason why it's so important that C-suite executives responsible for long-term strategy have access to these advanced tools. In particular, large and mature organizations can leverage the information derived from advanced analytics to increase profitability, position the company and optimize performance.

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Automotive Spare Parts Business: Business Challenges and Supply Chain Excellence Strategies

Great news for our readers in the Automotive Spare Parts Industry! Our partners at GitaCloud recently wrote an article on supply chain and the automotive industry. Below is a brief excerpt of the blog post. The full post can be found via this link

"This blog post covers business challenges and recommended supply chain excellence strategies to deal with them for Automotive OEM companies, specifically focused on the Automotive Spare Parts Supply Chain.

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Supply Chain Brief