Memo to the CEO: Your Employees May Be Keeping Profit-Improving Opportunities a Secret

Transformational technology is in a battle — and it has been for quite some time. New vendors are constantly popping up that offer innovative, advanced analytics solutions that, while less well known, are true value drivers. But companies can’t seem to break up with their long-term IT project implementations, hence the struggle.

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Optimize Supply and Demand Alignment Through Demand Shaping

An organization’s ability to align supply and demand is one of the most important measures on profitability. In a perfect world, demand would always meet the supply and supply would always meet the demand. Unfortunately, there are constant fluctuations in the demand and supply dynamics.

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Leverage Your Supply Chain Strategy to Gain a Competitive Advantage

The essence of business can be viewed as an organization's ability to deliver more value to customers than their competitors. In a global marketplace, this often manifests itself as constant downward pressure on prices, as each business struggles to maintain and expand on market share in the face of strong competition from both foreign and domestic competitors.

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Supply Chain Brief