Ventana Research: Sales and Operations Planning Process Scores a 'C'

Ventana Research has released its Sales and Operations planning (S&OP) Dynamic Insight research which gives companies an opportunity to self-assess their S&OP, or Integrated Business Planning process.

More than half of the companies participating gave themselves a “C” grade for this core business process, citing several key complaints:

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Memo to the CEO: Your Employees May Be Keeping Profit-Improving Opportunities a Secret

Transformational technology is in a battle — and it has been for quite some time. New vendors are constantly popping up that offer innovative, advanced analytics solutions that, while less well known, are true value drivers. But companies can’t seem to break up with their long-term IT project implementations, hence the struggle.

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Gartner's 8 Supply Chain Planning Trends You Can't Ignore

Gartner recently identified the top eight disruptive technologies most likely to impact organizational supply chains in 2018. Keep in mind, these trending technologies are scattered throughout the various stages of the Gartner Hype Cycle, which charts the development of technologies from concept to maturity and adoption. Starting with those closest to commercial viability, here are the eight supply chain trends that you can't ignore when it comes to the S&OP process.

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S&OP Process: What does it mean to Integrate with Finance?

Whether it’s referred to as Integrated Business Planning, Profit Sales & Operations Planning (PS&OP), “Strategic” S&OP or another name, the market is looking for the next generation of the S&OP process to include financials as an integral part of the process. 

However, through my conversations with customers, management consultants, industry analysts, and other software providers it has become clear there isn’t a commonly understood definition of what this means. One thing is clear, with fluctuating input costs, constantly changing promotional campaigns, wide portfolios of products, and shifting constraints in the supply chain, adding financials to S&OP is needed more than ever.

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Leverage Your Supply Chain Strategy to Gain a Competitive Advantage

The essence of business can be viewed as an organization's ability to deliver more value to customers than their competitors. In a global marketplace, this often manifests itself as constant downward pressure on prices, as each business struggles to maintain and expand on market share in the face of strong competition from both foreign and domestic competitors.

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Algorithmic Business is Changing the Way Companies Operate

Algorithms have given birth to some of the largest corporate empires such as Google, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Volvo and more.

  • Google was born because an algorithm was created to help users find information on the Internet.
  • Coca-Cola has been spreading happiness around the world for years thanks to an algorithm — known as the “secret recipe.”

The success of algorithmic businesses spans companies to professional entities. Amazon, Wall Street traders, health care organizations and more are all using algorithms to shape the way they operate.

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