Webinar: Data-Driven Decisions in S&OP—Bring Reliability and Speed to Optimized Scenario Analysis


River Logic and Supply Chain Consulting Partner Spinnaker Management will be hosting a webinar on March 7, 2018 entitled "Data-Driven Decisions in S&OP—Bring Reliability and Speed to Optimized Scenario Analysis."

Hosts: John La Bouff, Supply Chain Fellow at Spinnaker Management and Aaron Berg, VP Consulting Services at River Logic

Date and time: Wednesday, March 7, 2018 12:00 pm EST

Duration: 1 hour

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Description: Your S&OP cycle is challenging enough with just the “base” case. Monetizing the initial plan is hard, but when you have to consider new business questions, either time, bandwidth, or both seem to quickly run out. Meanwhile, the spreadsheet-driven processes that translate supply chain plans into financial and service outcomes respond unpredictably to scenario variations, and spreadsheet “drift” is a constant problem. You can’t be sure you’re making decisions each month using the same playbook.

River Logic and Spinnaker have collaborated on enabling highly effective S&OP. River Logic’s technology is able to simultaneously model supply chain behavior and financial results. With this technology, Spinnaker has established an S&OP environment that provides flexible objective functions, constraint management, and scenario variants & cataloging. All this while maintaining consistent KPI dashboards across scenarios and cycle over cycle, assuring that your decision making is based on comprehensive metrics of your choosing, applied consistently and confidently.

Join us for an informative webinar where we discuss typical business questions and risks that arise in S&OP cycles. In addition, see how River Logic is employed to drive business decisions that respond to your business goals and constraints, thus making your analysis of alternatives comprehensive, reliable, and repeatable.


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